Autumn Rooms Cafe, Darby Street

We take pride in serving what our guests tell us is the best brunch in Newcastle at Autumn Rooms. Our menu is a carefully-crafted selection of classic dishes with a twist, accompanied by smoothies, wines, beers, cocktails, and sweet treats, all made with the freshest and where possible, locally sourced ingredients.

“Great spot for brunch if you're ever in the Newcastle area.” 

Our expert team is passionate about preparing mouth-watering food and crafting the perfect cup of coffee. We believe that brunch is a perfect opportunity to bring people together, and we ensure that our menu caters to all tastes and dietary requirements.

“Great location, nice atmosphere, the food and coffee speaks for itself and above all excellent service, friendly and professional. The staff really do care about customers and the business. Will be back!!”

Our coffee is freshly roasted, and then ground on-site by our skilled baristas. We also offer a range of smoothies, wines, beers, and cocktails perfectly paired with your meal. Our sweet treats, including pastries, raw cakes, and crumpets, are the perfect way to conclude your brunch.

“The food is always delicious and the staff are amazing. The Autumn Rooms is my favourite place to go for brunch!” 

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Autumn Rooms offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, including a comfortable indoor seating area and a beautiful outdoor courtyard under the shade of trees for those sunny brunch days. Whether you are spending quality time with friends, enjoying a family meal, or just dropping by for a quick coffee, we guarantee you will feel at home.

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“If you’re looking for a brunch place and you are new in Newcastle, The Autumn Rooms is the place to go.” 

Best Brunch Newcastle Brunch

Visit our café for what we’re told is the best brunch experience in Newcastle. Our commitment to exceptional food and coffee, combined with our welcoming ambiance, will make you want to come back for more. Discover why we're consistently known for serving the best brunch in town!